YOU Be The Judge

The REAL Truth About MPB Today and The Controversy Surrounding It.     ** Scam or Not? ** YOU Be The Judge. 

An In-Depth Look at MPB Today

Hello and Welcome to the MPB Today  blog. My name is Jackee and my intention here is to provide you with the real facts about MPB Today so you can make an informed business decision as to whether or not this opportunity is right for you.

You know, I’m sick of all the hype and false promises all over the internet and I know you are too! I’ve been tricked myself a few times over the past few years, and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you during your Review of the MPB Today " Scam or not" opportunity…

My Premier Business (MPB)Today:
MPB Today is captivating network marketers for two very good reasons: The Comp Plan and The Products. MPB Today is the marketing arm of Southeastern Delivery, a grocery delivery service located in Pensacola, Florida, whose grocery products are the same name brand products we are used to buying day in and day out.

Can a network marketing company be a service?
Yes, it can. Two of the longest standing "service" type network marketing companies are Pre-Paid Legal (1983), the services of lawyers and Primerica (1977), life insurance and financial services. Another example was Excel Communications, a long distance telephone service company.

How does the MPB Today "service" work?
When you join MPB Today, you enroll with a $200.00 expense that entitles you to buy $200.00 worth of groceries from Southeastern Delivery service. Are the food prices cheaper? The prices are in line with any local grocery store. Keep in mind there is no "monthly auto ship" charge to use this service as we have seen with other MLM companies. You can elect to place your order with your $200.00 "credit", which you can do at any time. The only "catch" is that you have to pay for the shipping if you haven't already cycled. Why would you buy food from Florida when you can get it down the street? The shipping through UPS could be quite expensive. But there's an alternative to get free shipping which is explained below.

You can "earn" free shipping by "cycling". Or you can trade your grocery credit for a $200.00 Walmart gift card. Either way, you're getting something of value for the money you're spending, Which makes MPB Today an unusually good income opportunity. What you get in return for your money has a high value in the eyes of those that you show this program to. So the likelihood of them joining is greater than if the product was some e-books or other informational products that nobody wants.


As with many programs, MPB Today's popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. As usual the controversy begins as expected. In the case of MPB Today, the controversy that is swirling around the net is over the following issues:  

  • 1. The 2X2 Matrix Compensation Plan
  • 2. The company owner Gary Calhoun
  • 3. Where the money comes from to pay the affiliates.

The 2X2 Matrix
Many of the 2X2 Matrices have failed in the past. Usually because the products have not been very good and most ordinary people will not join a company with slow selling products. This has caused the 2X2 matrix to get a bad name.
Another major problem with 2X2's has been that some people cannot recruit the required 2 people. I believe this to be an upline leadership problem. It could also be a matter of skill and effort. But let's face it. Not being able to recruit is an industry wide problem and the 97% failure rate in the Network Marketing industry is definitely not unique to the 2X2 Matrix. Some Network Marketing veterans will not even look at a company with a 2X2 matrix but sooner or later one had to come along that had all of their ducks in a row and could achieve success.
If you really look at how MPB Today works, the $200.00 you pay in, is immediately returned to you in the form of a $200.00 grocery credit which you could immediately redeem for $200.00 in groceries and pay shipping. Because this happens immediately and the only other required cost is $10.00 annually for your website, your exposure is very limited. If all else fails you could go ahead and buy the groceries and pay the shipping.
It is just my conjecture that MPB Today will eventually be delivering groceries all over this country as the grocery delivery service market grows. This will create an opportunity for long term residual income based on the profits from the grocery distribution to the customer base affiliates will have developed as a result of early activity.

 Gary Calhoun

Gary Calhoun is the owner of Southeastern Delivery and MPB Today. There is a Better Business Bureau report being circulated about a previous business he was involved with, which has caused some people to pass on his current business. However, no information has been presented that reflects negatively on either Gary Calhoun or his ability to run a business.
The truth is that many businesses fail and many have complaints with the BBB. Also, in an environment where there is no penalty for making baseless and unjustified negative statements about a given company or its CEO, complaints have to be taken with a grain of salt. For almost any company or product that you hear great things about, you also hear negative things from disgruntled customers.
To get an independent 3rd party opinion of Gary Calhoun and MPB Today you can check in with Troy Dooly's MLM Help Desk. Troy makes some strong points in his coverage of these issues. First, why is it that the average distributor in the Network Marketing Industry goes through up to 20 companies and it is call tenacity. But let a CEO fail once and they are marked with the scarlet letter for life. Also in addition to the fact that the Florida Attorney General presently has no investigations into either Gary CalhounMPB Today or Southeastern Delivery, Florida is one of the strongest states when it comes to going after companies that are pulling scams. If any of his companies had been scams, the Florida AG would have been all over him for it.

Where does the money come from?

When it comes to money, it has to add up or it is a Ponzi scheme. As it goes, you pay $210.00 to MPB Today to be able to make money with them. You receive a $200.00 credit in return, which you can either use to purchase $200.00 worth of groceries from Southeastern Delivery and pay shipping.  Many people wait to cycle and redeem it for a $200.00 Walmart Gift Card or $200.00 worth of groceries with free shipping. The $10.00 pays for your personal website for the year.  It takes 6 people in your matrix who have paid $200.00 in for you to cycle. When you do, you also get paid $100.00 bonus for cycling + $50.00 commission for the each of the six you personally sponser which you get paid immediately after you sponser 2 people.  You are then re-entered into the matrix for another $200.00 grocery credit. 

Let's do the math.

+ $210.00 (to Join)
+ $1260.00 (6 People besides you Join @ $210.00 Each)
Total: $1470.00 (into the hands of MPB Today where it stays until you cycle or order groceries)

Based on the math above, MPB Today is making a profit that includes the interest on the money while it is in their possession. Unless someone ends up buying the groceries and having them shipped by Southeastern. Remember, MPB Today does not give you the groceries and the gift card, it is either or. So, I don't see a problem for them to make a sturdy profit and continue to pay on schedule.

When you sponsor your first 2 people you get paid: 
$50.00 for each one = $100.00 You get this without cycling. 

You don't have to wait to cycle to get paid, just to receive your Walmart gift card. You are paid as soon as you sponsor your first 2 people.  You will recieve $50.00 commission for each person you personally sponsor  (which means, each person that joined as an affiliate on your personal website). ** All payments are issued weekly, for anything you earn up to Sunday at midnight **

When you cycle you are paid out the following:
$100.00 Check (Bonus for cycling)
$200.00 Walmart Gift Card (Or free shipping for $200.00 worth of groceries) 
$200.00 New Credit. (Company puts this in your account so you can cycle again) 
Total: $600.00

* No Monthly Fees
* No Auto ship* $10.00 once a year for your own personal, replicated website (you don't have to keep the website but for $10.00 a year why wouldn't you?)
* There is no limit to the number of  times you can cycle in a day, week, or month.

AND Now, there are INFINITY Coding Bonuses....Earn even MORE..To INFINITY!! 

                 Watch Video for updated comp plan information: 


In short, if you cycle once a month you will get a $200.00 Walmart card/ or $200.00 grocery purchase with free shipping and up to $400.00 cash.  Is $600.00 enough to get your gas and food with?  Will it ease your out of pocket expense?  Of course it will!  
Now imagine you cycle once a week?  There is no limit... its up to you and your team.

In my opinion the controversy swirling around MPB Today is business as usual in the Network Marketing Industry, but in no way serves to diminish the tremendous value of this new program.

However, I do offer a word of caution the same as I would for any opportunity. It is your dedication and marketing ability coupled with the quality of your upline leadership in any program that is going to mean the difference between success and failure.  

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